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2007 Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, B.F.A. in Visual Arts

Solo and Two Person Exhibitions

2018 What Are Our Supports: Re-grounding The Footnotes Or Gallery (Offsite) – Vancouver, BC, Canada

2015 Measure of Light – Dynamo Arts Association – Vancouver, BC, Canada

2012 Idle Wild – CFCA – North Vancouver, BC, Canada

2011 GOLDRUSH – LIVE Biennale – Vancouver, BC, Canada

Drifter's Clip – Open Space Victoria, BC, Canada (catalogue)

Tumbling Through – Ministry of Casual Living – Victoria, BC, Canada

Move It On Over – Shudder Gallery Vancouver, BC, Canada

2009 City Hall Drawn festival Vancouver, BC, Canada

Group Exhibitions

2016 Print Ready VII: Stockholm Edition – Stockholm, Sweden

Print Ready VII: Second Reading, Stockholm -Vancouver – Dynamo Arts Association – Vancouver, BC, Canada

2014 THRU THE TRAPDOOR – On Main Gallery – Vancouver BC, Canada

LIGHT – Science World – Vancouver BC, Canada

2013 Western – Kamloops Art Gallery – Kamloops, BC, Canada (catalogue)

Monomania II – Trench Contemporary Art – Vancouver, BC, Canada

Drawing Expo'13 – Dynamo Art Association – Vancouver, BC, Canada

2010 “The Good Old Days[...] When Times Were Bad” – part of the World Tea Party for the Cultural Olympiad Centre A – Vancouver, BC, Canada


2017 Vermont Studio Centre – Johnson, VT, US

2014 Tetherstone Artist in Residence – Vancouver, BC Canada

2012 Fifty-five-oh-six, Seattle, Washington, US



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